Plastic Quick Facts

Molding technology

With advanced molding technology, it is possible to create plastic containers of various shapes, thickness and sizes.

Diversity in Plastic Molding

Diversity in Plastic Molding

Plastic molding machines produced by Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd excels in molding plastic containers with various materials and shapes; from small containers to large bottles, from millimeter small to oversized openings, thick walled containers, and even plastic wine bottles.

Types and characteristics of plastic materials

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the most well-known polymer for plastic containers. However, depending on the use case and purposes, other materials may be used as fit.

Examples of plastic materials

PETPolyethylene terephthalate

PET excels in transparency, toughness, and resistance to deformation. Plastic bottles made of PET are widely used as containers for solid and liquid food and cosmetics.


PE excels in electrical insulation, and water / chemical resistance. It is used for food containers and bags, as well as gasoline tanks, and water / gas piping.


Due to its hydrophobic property, PP containers are used for moisturizers and powder. PP endures disinfection by heat up to 121 degree Celsius (249 degree Fahrenheit), making it suitable for medical use.


PC has high resistance to heat, scratches, and impact, and is used widely in non-container applications such as lamp shades.


Tritan is a safe for food, and is resistant to heat. Tritan containers are used for sports bottles, baby bottles, returnable bottles, as well as luxury cosmetics.


PPSU is a material used in medical applications, and its safety is proven. PPSU has high heat resistance, so recently more baby bottles are made of PPSU.

Use Case Defining Design

Plastic products have been continuously evolving and diversifying. New products are improving everyday life in many usage scenes.

Example of design characteristics

Use cases depending on design

With luxurious designs and texture, plastic containers have made its way in to premium cosmetics and beverages.

Use cases depending on design

Large and foldable designs was a driving force in adoption of water servers.

Use cases depending on design

Curved and asymmetric bottles enable designs that are friendly for babies and the elderly.

Use cases depending on design

Plastic wine glasses reduced the risks of damage and injury.

Use cases depending on design

Maximizing the handles of a container improved the handling of large and heavy containers.

Use cases depending on design

Replacing cans with transparent plastic containers enabled consumers to enjoy the looks of the contents.