Plastic Design & Story Award 2018 Result

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Design Theme

Encase and Enfold Plastic Stories


Keita Suzuki (Product Designer / PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER INC. CEO)

Yota Kakuda (Product Designer / Director of YOTA KAKUDA DESIGN)

Keiko Hirano (Visioner / Designer / Executive Director of Communication Design Laboratory)

Kuniaki Hiromatsu (Director of Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd.)


Grand Prizes 2 Spots 1,000,000yen

Achievement Awards 2 Spots 500,000yen

Honorable Mentions 17 Spots 100,000yen


Application Period:August 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018.

Grand Prizes 2 Spots

Grand Prizes(1/2)

Title:Naka Bottle

Creator:Edouard Pillet

Naka Bottle


Nothing is more satisfying than drinking a cold beer or lemonade directly from its glass bottle.

To recreate this simple joy of drinking from the glass bottle, the Naka bottle conceals its thread inside of the neck. This allows for a thicker rim around the opening as well as pleasant smooth surface to drink from.

Comments by designer:

As an industrial designer, I always think about how a plastic container can be better. Being conscious of how people use bottles to drink in their daily life, I considered how I can make them easier to drink from. My work has two keywords: ease of drinking and ease of holding the bottle.

Grand Prizes(2/2)

Title:Totem Bottles

Creator:Nadav Goldenberg

Naka Bottle


Collectible bottles that use a building system to give value beyond a disposable container.

Comments by designer:

It's an honor to win the award. Thank you for those who prepared this award. My work has two aspects. One is ease of using bottles, and the other is an idea to deal with plastic consumption. With these two aspects, I designed something that people can easily understand from the appearance and that people can enjoy at home.

Achievement Awards 2 Spots

Achievement Awards(1/2)

Title:MOUTH bottle

Creator:Kenichiro Matsuda

Naka Bottle


Normal plastic bottles have threads. They give unique impression of touch to mouth. I thought there is a form of a delicate communication in a mouth’s recognition of the touch of a bottle.

This MOUTH bottle is a bottle with a thick neck which has a rim separate from the thread. Drinking experience would be improved because of it. The change of the touch would create a new value in plastic bottles.

Comments by designer:

I imagined something between the story of PET bottles and humans, which could change through design. I always feel that the screw threads on the neck of a bottle is odd when they touch our mouths. The threads have been lowered on the neck and the part that consumers touch with their lips has been raised with the rim thickened to improve the drinking experience.

Achievement Awards(2/2)


Creator:Seiji Fujimoto

Naka Bottle


It is a pair of two plastic cups with multiple usages for different drinks. And if you stack the two it turns into a double wall glass that can keep temperature of its content. This is convenient for multiple scenes; you can use them separately at a party when you need a lot of cups for many guests, and you can enjoy a relaxing coffee break with the double wall version of this. Besides, combination of colored and transparent cups produces a new beautiful color when stacked.

Comments by designer:

When people have hot drink with a paper cup, they often double up a paper cup to insulate our hands from the hot drink inside. I imagined that the shape could be altered to change the space in between. Also, I wondered how its function would evolve if there was space created between the two cups. My work could be used by a large number of people, and also single person can enjoy the change of colors by placing one cup inside another. I believe that this design can tell a special story to those who use my product through various combinations.

Honorable Mentions 17 Spots

Honorable Mentions(1/17)


Creator:Toshiki Yabushita

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(2/17)


Creator:Miki Sawazaki

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(3/17)

Title:the tester


Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(4/17)

Title:Wind-resistant plastic cup (飛ばされにくい「プラカップ」)

Creator:Kazuya Ishikawa, Reoga Motoki

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(5/17)

Title:Pet Fastener

Creator:Akira Mabuchi

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(6/17)

Title:Single-use pack of essential oil (ほぼほぼ一回分のエッセンシャルオイルパッケージ)

Creator:Megumi Hattori

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(7/17)

Title:plastic as material

Creator:Yuto Suzuki

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(8/17)


Creator:Yuya Oba

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(9/17)


Creator:Yukihiro Yamaguchi

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(10/17)

Title:Emergency water for gift (備蓄水×GIFT)


Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(11/17)


Creator:Yuki Zetsu

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(12/17)


Creator:Shun Naruse

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(13/17)

Title:Rubbish bags on its own (ひとり立ちしたゴミ袋)

Creator:Ayaka Araki, Kyoko Kita, Kentaro Seko, Genki Fujita

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(14/17)

Title:Neck-friendly plastic bottle (首を曲げずに自然に飲めるペットボトル)

Creator:Shuta Tokuda

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(15/17)


Creator:Kammu Shiba, Takuto Ota

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(16/17)


Creator:Soma Furutate

Naka Bottle

Honorable Mentions(17/17)


Creator:Andrea Brugnera

Naka Bottle

Comments By The Judges

Keita Suzuki (Product Designer / PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER INC. CEO)

Suzuki Keita

Congratulations to all the award winners.

Among all the designs collected in this competition, “Naka Bottle”, one of the winning designs, was a very impressive work. The idea to conceal the screw part of the bottle inside the neck seems just a small characteristic.
However, I believe that this characteristic has various potentials due to the design that the cap can be concealed - for example, producing a beautiful plastic bottle like a wine bottle or experiencing a new sense of drinking. If this beautiful and functional bottle becomes the global standard, there will be more people who have different aspects on plastic and who even collect bottles after they use. Just a single design can change the understanding and the norm of people, and can even become a factor leading our society in a better way. “Naka Bottle” has potential as such.

Through judging all the designs, I was determined to work more on solving social issues through beauty. When judging, I was reminded of the well-known soda made of green glass. The bottle design was born from the function necessary to identify the bottle from others in a dark place. I believe that this soda has been popular for long because of unique and beautiful design. After being reminded, I was concerned that most of the designs were limited to just ideas, which lack of feasibility and attractive shapes.
I hope that even for design competitions, designers will never compromise those elements and will think more deeply about design itself. I look forward to seeing more designs as such for the next design competition.

Yota Kakuda (Product Designer / Director of YOTA KAKUDA DESIGN)

Firstly, I want to express my appreciation to everyone. The judge job gives me a lot of interesting learnings. The two works of the grand prizes let us imagine bright futures in addition to sophistication of the material. I think they are nicely straightforward. An artist, Aida Makoto writes about the importance to have a unique view on what means to be an artist. If I borrow his words, I think the two grand prize works have impressive views.

I guess winners of this competition have a long time remaining as a professional designer in life. I’m looking forward to hear good news about your works in near future. There are some heated-up opinions in the review session. I hope you guys keep on your designer life with reflection on the opinions.

Kakuda Youta

Keiko Hirano (Visioner / Designer / Executive Director of Communication Design Laboratory)

Hirano Keiko

Congratulations, everyone. Before starting, I want to make it clear that the judges spent plenty of time to discussion and select.

Design of plastic product would require technical knowledge. Materials for molding is not an easy subject.
However, as one of the judges used a word “art”, creativity is something should be won through the struggle with the technical problems. I felt the works on this competition can be improved through more challenge for creativity. Actually, I don’t think I saw a splendid work that is beyond my imagination. It would sound a harsh remark though, I am saying it because I hope you guys can achieve better result next time. I’m cheering for you. I hope you guys liberate yourselves from existing stereotypes.

I also want to point out a fact that non-Japanese designers won the two spots of the grand prizes even though the Japanese designers far outnumbered the non-Japanese ones. I want the Japanese to consider what this result means.
It is truly difficult to create a design that is free from existing stereotypes but also is practical. Nevertheless, I always hope such new designs emerges through the following design competitions.

Kuniaki Hiromatsu (Director of Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd.)

I would like to say congratulations to winners of this competition. I sincerely express my appreciation and gratitude for everyone who participated this design competition. It is surprising that we had nearly 400 applications including more than 100 works from overseas.

My role as a judge is on one hand to examine the feasibility of the ideas in the board and the review. My criteria were 1) whether does it exist already or not, 2) whether is it drastically new or not, and 3) whether is it feasible to produce it industrially. On the other, I restrained my personal opinion and supported other judges to have good discussion because this competition’s main purpose is not the pursuit of feasibility from a viewpoint of a manufacturing company.

I hope every participant keep making a good observation around ideas for plastic product design in everyday life. If you guys would continually join the coming series of the competition with your friends and improve this attempt together, that is the most delightful for us.

Hiromatsu Kuniaki


With the theme “Encase and Enfold Plastic Stories”, the application for Plastic Design & Story Award 2018 opened on 1st August 2018. The intention of the theme is to seek new designs and stories that pioneer a new future and possibilities.

Within three months, approximately 400 designs were collected from around the globe, such as countries from Asia, Europe, Africa, and South/North America. In November 2018, all the four judges gathered and selected 21 winning designs with careful consideration and hours of discussions.

The organizer, Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. is considering the possibility to prototype and commercialize some of the award-winning designs through the conversations with the winners.
We express our sincere gratitude to those who participated in this award competition.

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